Abigail's Ghost Announced For RoSFest 2009
Date: Sunday, May 25 @ 01:03:06 UTC
Topic: Festival News

RoSfest is pleased to announce Louisiana-based group Abigail's Ghost as our second band on Saturday morning. Founded by Joshua Theriot (vocals, guitar) and Kenneth Wilson (bass, backing vocals), who had been classmates in high school, and continued through college at Berkelee College of Music in Boston, they recruited Brett Guillory (keyboards), John Patrick (drums) and Randy LeBoeuf (guitars) to round-out the lineup. Abigail's Ghost released their debut album Selling Insincerity in March 2007, and has received rave reviews for their modern blend of melodic rock and prog. Though the band hails from the Houma/New Orleans area and a few of the members have musical backgrounds in Cajun French and New Orleans style jamming, their sound has most often been compared to the grunge bands of the 90s and so-called "Krautrock" of the European music scene circa the 1980s. The band is working on a follow up album to be released in spring, 2009, just in time for RoSfest! Head on over to their MySpace site or the RoSfest site and listen to tracks from their great album Selling Insincerity.

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