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vidnaObmana - 1987-2007 Chasing The Odyssee 8lp box-set (Tonefloat): This is arguably the biggest project ever released on tonefloat. first announced as early as 2006, Chasing The Odyssee comprises 37 tracks on eight vinyl discs and an oversized 24-page booklet featuring exclusive liner notes. Covering the years 1987 to 2007 and following in the footsteps of an earlier set dedicated to the project?s obscure tape years, it documents Dirk Serries?s gradual development from an industrial sound sculptor to an artist equally at home in the world of electronica and contemporary composition.

Over the course of these 20 years, he would influence the gradual growth of ambient from nothing but a fleeting idea by Brian Eno to an established and challenging genre, sell 10,000 copies of his classic The River Of Appearance, write a soundtrack for the giant aquarium of the Antwerp Zoo and work with the likes of Steve Roach, Steven Wilson and a symphonic orchestra. Most of all, he would efficiently demonstrate that stylistic limitations are purely rooted in a lack of imagination.

To make these developments and changes transparent, Chasing The Odyssee has been divided into four chapters. While two records present a selection of pieces recorded and originally released before 2000, four sides have been reserved for a variety of previously unreleased Justin K. Broadrick remixes and live tracks providing for a hands-on impression of how powerfully the vidnaObmana studio sound studio sound translated to the stage.

Meanwhile, highlights from two unique cycles make up the extensive middle section of the box: the Dante Trilogy, a collaboration with ground breaking extreme metal label Relapse, as well as Serries?s Opera For Four Fusion Works, an uncompromising stint into the world of the avant garde. Many of these pieces have long been out of print, but merely compiling oddities is not the aim of Chasing The Odyssee. Rather, it intends to present the music on the format they would have been released on in an ideal world in the first place and at premium acoustic quality ? vidnaObmana has certainly never sounded better.

Rather than resting on his laurels for the rest of his career, Serries decided to end the journey at its peak. Now, you can relive the experience.

From the liner notes: "[L]istening to these records from beginning to end will take you on a personal journey, which, despite its occasional twists and turns, is devoid of stereotypical cliches and mythical transfigurations. Chasing The Odyssee is not just a collector?s item. Cinematic, evocatively physical and full of memories, it is a perfect representation of everything that vidnaObmana has stood for over the last 23 years."

Chasing The Odyssee, pressed on eight 180 grams black vinyls discs, is packed in a hardback box with lid, and comes with 1 24-page booklet.

The release date for the box (which is limited to 400 copies) is January 24, 2011, and is available for pre-orders from the tonefloat store at the introductory price of only 49.99 euros (plus postage).

Fear Falls Burning - Dead Of Night 7" (Dot Dot Dot Music): Prior to the forthcoming new full-length studio album in 2011, Fear Falls Burning and Dot Dot Dot Music joined forces for the release of "Dead Of Night," a low-budget release pressed on nice psychedelic marbled clear vinyl.

A 7' with two new songs, recorded in preparation for the final full-length album in late 2011 that will close the book on Fear Falls Burning. Two distinctive songs that eventually are not part of the studio album but created the foundation for the music to come. The 2 songs feature Martina Verhoeven (3 Seconds Of Air) on electric bass. This limited 7" is either way available directly from the label, tonefloat and Conspiracy Records.

tf100 Tonefloat label night: Celebrating the release of tf100, tonefloat is again delighted to be guested by the fine people of renowned venue Paradox, in Tilburg (The Netherlands), for what will be an all day event.

Starting from 3pm, on Sunday 27 February 2011, Paradox will host a fine selection of Tonefloat artists: Ron Geesin, The Use of Ashes, Astralasia, Sand Snowman/Moonswift, plus debut performances by new projects March (The Use of Ashes' Maarten Scherrenburg) and The Sleep of Reason (a new project featuring Dirk Serries, and Yellow6's Jon Attwood).

The Sleep of Reason is a strictly designed project between Dirk and Jon that stretches itself over a trilogy of albums (to be expected in 2011) and features music that travels between their own worlds with extreme details for harmonic chords, subtle layering and with a good ear for the harmonic. Music that is small in scope, large in atmosphere.

This performance at the tf100 festival is a rarity and exclusively set-up for celebrating the 100th release of Tonefloat.

Despite the fact that we are now as far as tf107, the recordings for tf100 have finished, and will feature the likes of Theo Travis, Dirk Serries, Sand Snowman, Steven Wilson, Maarten van der Vleuten, Peter Van Vliet (The Use of Ashes), and Moonswift. The result is a beautiful album that stretches out over two 10", that will be housed in a deluxe 108-page hardback book that covers the first 100 tonefloat releases. The package will be presented on this day. Tickets are available from the tonefloat store.

Website announcement: Over a timespan of more than 26 years vidnaObmana, Fear Falls Burning and Microphonics have become Dirk Serries' personal tryptich in analysing, dissecting, creating and processing sound. From the early industrial, the minimal synth ambient, the genre-splicing tribal fusion, the overpowering guitardrones to the pure, straightforward and minimal guitar ambience. The perfect closure on his alter-ego's vidnaObmana and Fear Falls Burning completes the trilogy. A tryptich that has come full circle with re-enactment of his passion for the pure, minimal and beautiful.

We are currently working on a portal that unites all 3 projects together, giving you a clear and structured look into the mind of the creator. This website will go online from early January 2011 on and will replace all websites (excl. microphonics), MySpaces and Last Fm pages.

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