Infinity Overture To Release ''The Infinite Overture Pt 1'' Jan 21
Date: Sunday, December 19 @ 06:00:00 UTC
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Danish progressive metallers Infinity Overture return with their second album The Infinite Overture Pt.1. Led by the superb guitar and compositional skills of Neils Vejlyt, the band have taken a step away from the symphonic metal slant of their debut to mark the start of altogether darker and more distinctive journey with enhanced progressive elements blended with gothic textures.

The listener will also notice the new album being more guitar driven due to the reduction of symphonic elements. The new material also showcases the virtuoso side of the band making great use of dynamically rich music wrapped around irresistible vocal melodies. Vejlyt must be applauded for managing to combine all these elements whilst still ensuring the song remains the main priority and these are 9 compelling compositions.

As a result of the slight change of musical direction Vejlyt saw fit to change the band line-up to best bring out the new music and also ensure the calibre of musicianship was high enough to perform the new material live.

New female vocalist Kimmie Tenna Nielsen is the most major change, with her moving and powerful voice driving on the new compositions, her performance is set to make her an upcoming talent in the metal world. Bassist Bernardo Fesch has brought awesome bass groves to the compositions whilst drummer Jakob Vand has adds his grand technical skills and ideas to the band making for a very exciting rhythm section.

Niels Vejlyt also secured the services of two of his favourite vocalists to perform some guest spots on the new release ? namely Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire) and Amanda Somerville (Epica, Kamelot etc). Niels describes this as, ?An honour to have such greats on the songs."

In addition to these two household names are a number of other guest backing vocalists all adding further depth to the compositions.

Production guru Sascha Paeth (Edguy, Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot) once again oversaw the mix and master with the outcome being another full and rich sounding release from Infinity Overture.

"Smoke & Mirros" video

Track Listing:

01. The Hunger
02. The Stand
03. Angels
04. Evernight
05. Secrets
06. Back From The Past
07. Smoke And Mirrors
08. The Infinite Overture Pt. 1
09. Darkness Of Mind


Niels Vejlyt - Guitar, Orchestrations and growl
Kimmie Tenna Nielsen- Vocals
Jakob Vand - Drums
Bernardo Fesch - Bass


Fabio Lione: Vocals, "The Hunger"
Amanda Somerville: Vocals, "The Hunger," "Secrets," "The Infinite Overture Pt. 1," "Smoke And Mirrors"
Marie Frifelt: Vocals, "Back From The Past," "Darkness Of Mind"
Simon Holm: Growl, "Smoke And Mirrors," "Darkness Of Mind," "Evernight"
Hjalte Sejr Bertelsen: Growl, "Smoke And Mirrors"
Thomas Jensen: Vocals, "Back From The Past," "The Hunger"
Mads Damgaard: Piano, "Angels," "Secrets," "The Infinite Overture Pt. 1"

Album Credits:

Produced by Niels Vejlyt
Edits: Niels Vejlyt
Mixed by Sascha Paeth
Mastered by Sascha Paeth
Orchestrations by Niels Vejlyt


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