Jadis Join Facebook, Catalog Available For Download
Date: Sunday, December 18 @ 20:00:00 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

Jadis writes: "Just [...] to let you know you can now visit Jadis on Facebook; we have uploaded a snippet of one of our new songs 'What If I Could Be There' which will be on the new Jadis album. We are still recording material for the CD which will available in 2012.

"Please feel free to share any Jadis Facebook postings on your own Facebook wall.

"Jadis now have all of their albums available for download from either iTunes, Amazon or from CDbaby. You can either buy the whole album or just select individual tracks. Please visit the 'Merchandise' section of the Jadis website for the physical CDs that are still available.

"The albums now available to download are More Than Meets The Eye, Medium Rare', Understand, Alive Outside, Across The Water, Somersault, As Daylight Fades, Fanatic, Photoplay and the soundtrack to their 2003 gig in Krakow, Poland which became their DVD View From Above.


[Source: Jadis]

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