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Date: Wednesday, December 21 @ 23:00:00 UTC
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Musea Records announced the following releases for a December release: Eye 2 Eye - The Wish appeared in the year 2006 with a slightly different spelling, and a first album published on the Musea label, One In Every Crowd. About three years later, this French band comes back with a new singer and a new bass player, for a second effort called After All.... Here's the same type of music as before, with improved ingredients, especially as far as melodies are concerned. Although still influenced by early Marillion and Pendragon albums, without mentioning the "first generation" of Genesis and Pink Floyd,

Eye 2 Eye has firmly established its own personality. With three pieces lasting a quarter of an hour (Three on the present album!), the musicians prefer complex and ambitious pieces. They also like bombastic keyboards, beautiful and lyrical guitar parts, enhanced by a precise and sober rhythm section. Here's a wellbalanced music, with delicacy and power in the same time. All neo Progressive lovers, and also fans of David Gilmour, will certainly find After All... delightful. Excellent stuff! [And so now comes The Wish, a concept album based on Oscar Wilde's Picture Of Dorian Gray {from Eye 2 Eye website -ed.}].

Flor de Loto - Imperio De Cristal: Flor De Loto is a present Peruvian Progressive rock band, led by the flautist Johnny Perez. The outfit brillantly blends elements of Seventies Progressive rock with Andean music. This style might as well remind of Jethro Tull, if Ian Anderson's band ever felt like emigrating to South America! Flute and guitar riffs are omnipresent, which enhances the charm of this elegant and joyful music. Released on the Musea and Mylodon labels as a co-venture in the year 2005, the first self-titled album shows a true achievement in the instrumental Progressive rock field. The second opus "Madre Tierra" (2007) forgets the all-instrumental formula, just the time of performing two titles sung in Spanish. A few interesting borrowings to celtic folk or heavy-metal are also noteworthy. Published in the year 2009, Mundos Bizarros goes even deeper into the dark side of the Peruvian band, for our greatest pleasure. To be discovered! [Imperio De Cristal is their latest release.[

Yann Joussein - Phoque Éventré: After playing in many groups in many configurations, Yann Joussein decided to play alone for a few concerts in 2010; then he enjoyed and decicded to record this staff. On this recording, we can hear drums, electronics, voice and flute. Every titles are improvised except "Phoque Éventré" whitch is performed on flute and electronics. The first track "Kitsch Intro" and the 5th "Fanfan" are improvised jokes. The music is inspired by trance, doom, free-jazz, heavy sound or japanese electro. The drums playing is bursting while we hear long and heavy notes like big explosions. The cover is done by simples drawing representing killed seals whith looks amazing as a joke!

Madkluster - Vol. 1: Some musical meetings that appear to be so evident, that of Alain Blesing and Bruno Tocanne is part of that. As musicians of the same generation, who have had similar paths, they are motivated both by a continuous and furious desire to push the limits, combining freedom and rigor, to move improvised music from an object of enjoyment to existential questioning and even politics. The other two musicians, Frédéric Roudet and Benoît Keller already Bruno Tocanne's fellows did not hesitate a long time to join this "Power 4tet." The result is the height of the project: to listen back memories of saturated angry and Tony Williams Lifetime, the tears of Miles [in the] 70s, the shrillness of the Art Ensemble of Chicago to proofread flitre of these musicians' European background. To ethereal melodies, Madkluster prefers sonic material, sometimes even join the territories of an electrified rock without conventions.

Nine Books - Nine Books: After achieving critical and mass success in their home countries, two Hungarian musicians, Bertalan Hirleman and József Vedres, are now releasing their first international album with their new band: Nine Books. The self-titled first progressive rock album is anything but one-sided, and even contains traces of authentic Hungarian folk music. All instruments are played by the two creators of the project, with the talented Attila Talán appearing as a guest singer.

Plus these titles: Cocamba - Dito Cujo, Zane Charron - Follow Through, Sin Distancia Trio - Soleado

[Source: Musea Records (plus Eye 2 Eye website]

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