Forgotten Suns To Play pRock Festival 2008, Plus New Album News
Date: Sunday, December 09 @ 20:49:13 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

Forgotten Suns will be performing live at pRockfest in B?nde/Westfalen, Germany, on 8th November 2008! "'s a great opportunity for some of our older fans across Europe to see us live. We know we have many German and Dutch fans over the years so it will be great. We know that some of the bands we enjoy, like Flower Kings (Swe), Pendragon (UK) and Riverside (POL), were there on previous editions, so it's a quality window of prog in Germany..."

[Also on the bill so far, Krabat and Alias Eye]

The band has spent the last month performing live and moving to a new studio to finish the writings, pre-produce and start recording their 3rd album. "Now with lead singer Paulo 'The Snake' Pacheco feeling even more confortable on the ranks," the band writes, "the band is tighter musically and ready to make some serious upgrades on the songs in order that this 3rd album becomes a progressive masterpiece. Half [of] December and full January will be the necessary days to re-write some songs and do the pre-production, according to guitar player Ricardo Falc?o: '...we still feel that this album can be more representative of the way we see prog music today; with the concerts we made we're aware of Paulo's capabilities and the extension of his vocal technique, so, the band is entering another musical dimension, a much wider one - these tracks will be the living proof of that...'

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