Cast - Angels And Demons

Year of Release: 1997
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: ALF-007
Format: CD
Total Time: 72:25:00

The idea this time is almost self-evident from the album's title. If you read the liner notes writen by Francisco Hernandez Reyes (vocals/guitars), who wrote most of the album's 10 tracks, it appears to be a retelling of the Christ story, given an somewhat alien spin. Like 1996's Beyond Reality, the point here is that we are own salvation. While I'm not a particularly religious person, I find I have to agree with sentiment. Take God, Jesus, et al out of the equation, and you realize that the fault of all man's ills lies at man's own feet.

Because of the somewhat awkward way the lyrics are written, they are best understood on an interpretative level, a general gist. Which also has the effect of opening them up to both literal and metaphorical interpretations.

Lyrics aside, this is a beautifully composed, conceived and executed album. While the production, for the most part, is clear, and crisp, the vocals themselves in many places seem distorted - whether by design or not, I can't tell. It doesn't take very much away from the songs, but is noticable in contrast to the instrumentation.

Cast has come into their own with this album. There are vaque hints here and there of the usual suspects, but much less than on their last release. Highly Recommended.

Initiation (7:53) / We Don't Belong To Heaven (3:08) / Reality Or Misanthropy? (Mix-up) (6:31) / What We See/The Increasing Sorrow Of The Earth (8:54) / Angels And Demons (5:05) / Revealing Signs of Love (13:42) / Fallen Angel (3:18) / Loneliness (10:42) / Fire In The Sky, Fire On Earth (5:25) / White Lies?/Brief Story Of The Freewill (9:07)

Francisco Hernandez Reyes - vocals and guitar
Dino Carlo Brassea Eguia - vocals and flute
Rodolfo Gonzalez Quiroz - bass
Jose Antonio Bringas Caire - drums and percussion
Luis Alfonso Vidales Moreno - keyboards

Landing In A Serious Mind (1993)
Sounds of Imagination (1994)
Third Call (1994)
Four Aces (1995)
Endless Signs (1995)
Beyond Reality (1996)
A View of Cast - Live (1996)
Angels and Demons (1997)
Imaginary Window (1999)
A Live Experience (1999)
Legacy (2000)
Lagunas De Volcanos (2000)
Castalia (2001)
Infinity (2002)
Al-Bandaluz (2003)
Nimbus (2004)
The Pyramid Of The Rain (2005)
Mosaïque (2006)
Com.union (2007)
Originallis (2008)
Art (2011)
Arsis (2014)
Vida (2015)
Power And Outcome (2017)

Sands Of Time Live (BR) (2016)
Sinfonico Live (BR) (2018)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin MX

Added: January 1st 1999
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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