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In the wake of the devestating earthquake and tsunami, Australian disc jockey Andrew Holborn, of the program "3rd Ear," embarked on a project to bring together progressive world music artists from around the globe to participate in a benefit CD, the proceeds of which would go directly to The International Red Cross and their tsunami relief efforts.

While our initial wish was to aid tsunami victims, the passage of time has meant that many organizations have met their goals in terms of fund raising to help these victims, including the International Red Cross. However, in conjunction with the International Red Cross we have decided to release this CD in hopes of raising money for the International Red Cross ~ Sudanese Refugees Appeal. You can learn more about this appeal at

The CD is being produced and manufactured by Musea Records in France, with distribution planned for the UK, Europe, USA, Brazil, Mexico and Australia.

The artists recruited include Colin Bass of Camel (UK) (as Sabah Habas Mustapha & Jugala All Stars), Peter Lindahl of In The Labyrinth (Sweden), Attila Kollar and Robert Erdesz of Solaris (Hungary), Vital Duo (France), Håkan Almkvist (Orient Squeezers and Ensemble Nimbus), Poços Y Nuvens (Brazil), Steve Warner (Australia), Steve Unruh (US), Waak Waak Jungi (Australia) and Topeka (US) and others. See The Artists for brief bios of each artist.

One World Tapestry album art (© Musea/One World Tapestry)
This is the artwork that will be used on the cover;
album artwork designed by Gaylene Richardson, Rosa Stevenson,
Ceri McKervill, Jane Lloyd, and Margaret Dunlop


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